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Every home needs hot water. It’s part of our everyday life and sometimes we take it for granted. Usually, water heaters fall under the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. You really don’t know how much you appreciate them until you don’t have any more hot water. This is why regular heater inspections are suggested to make sure they are working properly and not leaking anywhere. If a leak is left without any attention, it could spell disaster for a home or basement. A split water tank could flood a whole entire basement. And nobody likes cold showers anyway. That’s why we suggest regular inspections of your heater to assure they are working properly. If not, we can fix or replace your existing hot water tank with a new one. We offer a few different options of heaters to our customers to make sure the heater that we install is sufficient enough to accommodate your hot water needs. From a small 30 gallon, all the way up to a 75 gallon, there are many choices of heaters to look into. There are even tankless water heaters for the smaller utility rooms that need the space. These provide instant hot water that never runs out. Give us a call today for a free inspection of your water heater.

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