Hydro Jetting


We offer hydro jetting as an alternative to electric sewer rodding. While electric rodding uses steel cable driven by an electric motor, hydro jetting uses water at high pressure (typically 1500psi – 4000psi) to scale, flush, and degrease drain lines plagued with sludge and grease. We have a smaller electric jetter that uses around 1500psi that we are able to use indoor. By not having a gasoline motor, we are able to use it indoors to clean out kitchen sink drains from the inside out. We also have larger machines that are towed behind our trucks. These machines peak at around 3000psi-4000psi. By having higher water pressure and larger hoses, these machines are the perfect tool for cleaning main sewers in residential and even commercial buildings. Hydro Jetting is a common practice in restaurant settings since a large amount of grease runs through their sewers. By blasting the sewer line with water at high pressure, it flushes out all grease and debris that might have entered the sewer and helps eliminate smells related to grease build-up. Here is a brief list of drain lines we offer hydro jetting for;

  • Sink drain lines (commonly filled with grease)
  • Gutter drain lines (commonly filled with debris from roof like leaves)
  • Main Sewer lines (commonly filled with a combination of sludge, grease, and dirt/sand)

Don’t see your drain on our list? Give us a call today and we would be happy to let you know if we offer the service you are looking for!

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