Catch Basin Repair/Replace


Catch basins were designed to stop grease, sludge, and oils from entering your sewers. If left unattended, your catch basin can fill up and start allowing these hazardous materials into your sewer line. Over time, they can start to solidify and stick to the inner walls of your sewer and build-up, similar to a dam in a river. This leads to your sewer backing up, which could cause further damage to your home. Routine maintenance on your catch basin is required to keep your sewer lines flowing smoothly. With age, sometimes catch basins can start to fall apart. Bricks, dirt, and other debris can start to build up inside the basin and fall into the main sewer. Regular inspections are required to make sure your catch basin operates properly. If age gets the best of your basin, and it starts to fall apart, we offer free basin inspections to help guide you to the best option on what to do with it. Sometimes, it’s possible to rebuild and reline the inside of them. Other times, it is necessary to break down the existing and build a new one. Whatever the case may be, we have someone available to get your basin in working order again!

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