Why Regular Sewer Maintenance is Important

Like an oil change on a car, getting your sewer cleaned is regular maintenance every homeowner should get used to. You wouldn’t wait until your car starts acting up before getting your oil changed, would you? The same goes for your sewer lines.

Why wait until your Sewer is backing up into your home before calling a plumber to rod out your sewer.

Prolonging Sewer maintenance is actually very common among homeowners. It falls under the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. Nobody really realizes the luxury of a toilet flush until it won’t flush anymore.

That’s when panic sets in and it’s time to get the plumber on the phone. Having your sewer rodded out every two to three years is recommended to maintain a healthy drain system.

Waiting to clean your sewers until it backs up actually makes a plumber’s job harder. What typically takes an hour to do, turns into a few-hour project to get your sewer flowing properly.

Letting your sewer get to the point of backing up into your home means that the pipe has been compromised with enough roots or sludge to close completely.

That means it usually takes a lot longer for the plumber to clear your drain. Which also means, of course, it will cost you more money to rectify the problem.

Here’s a quick list of things you should avoid flushing down your toilet to help keep your sewer line free of blockages.

  • Feminine Products (tampons, Pads, etc.)
  • Diapers
  • Dental floss
  • Medications
  • Wet wipes (even flushable ones)
  • Q-tips
  • Towels/Rags

These are just a few examples of things you should NOT flush down your toilet. Doing so can cause an eventual build up in your sewer line. Human body waste and regular toilet paper are the only things you should be flushing down your toilet.

Following these tips and getting your sewer lines rodded out every couple of years is the key to a healthy sewer system.

Don’t let the water sneak up on you, call today for a free estimate on getting your sewer rodded. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had it done, then it probably means it’s time.

Call O’Bannon Plumbing and Sewer today and ask about our maintenance program! It is a yearly reminder service to help you remember to keep your sewer lines clean and flowing properly! Don’t wait until you are standing in 6 inches of water, call now! (773) 863-5112.

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