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Sump Pump Installation and Repair: Lowering Your Flood Risk

If you are in the market for sump pump installation or sump pump repair, then you don’t have to look any further. O’Bannon Plumbing & Sewer offers professional sump pump installation and repair services at affordable rates.

Our plumbers are knowledgeable about all of the latest technologies when it comes to installing or repairing a sump pump system.

picture of basement flooding

Why would someone install a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device that helps to remove excess water from a basement or lower level of a house. It uses a drainage pipe leading to an exterior drain pipe.

A lot of homes in the US have these on their property because it can help protect them from flooding and sewer backups during heavy downpours.

Excess rainwater can cause serious damage to a basement or home.

A sump pump runs when there is too much water and the float switch engages to let the system know when to run. If your basement is flooding, it is the worst time to have hindsight.

How are sump pumps maintained?

It is important to check your sump pump at least once a month to make sure that it is working properly. Sump pumps have plastic pumps and require regular maintenance.

If you find any damage or problems, then you should call our experts right away before anything gets worse and causes even more of an issue.

We offer free expert advice on what to do with your sump pump.

Depending on your situation, we can either perform a free estimate or offer a replacement. Call us to schedule an appointment – (773) 862-5112.

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Sump pump failure: Common problems

If your sump pump’s primary pump fails, you may hear strange sounds coming from your basement.

This may indicate that you have a flooded basement. This can cause unpleasant odors or even cause mold to grow.

The excess moisture in a flooded basement can cause serious structural and health problems.

If left untreated for too long, it may lead to significant flood damage that is costly to repair.

We recommend installing a new sump pump in the event this occurs.

Motor Failure

A sump pump can fail because the motor goes out. When this happens usually it is easier to find a replacement pump as the motor tends to be built into the pump itself.

Sump Pit Seepage

A less severe problem is when water seeps out of the sump pit. The check valve may be failing. Debris may also be coming in from the sump pit causing a blockage in the pump or pipes causing the water level to rise too high.

Float Switch Failure

The float switch may fail as well. This is the part that starts and stops the sump pump.

It’s important to replace your float switch every five years, even if it still works properly. We’ve seen people have flooded basements because they did not replace this.

If you plug in your sump pump and test it and it doesn’t drain, this may be your problem.

Check Valve and Filter Fabric Failure

When replacing a failed check valve or filter fabric, you should also consider upgrading to an electronic model. This offers better performance in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow melts.

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Regular sump pump maintenance is best

Regular sump pump maintenance will help prevent problems in your basement. It is low in cost and can save money in the long run.

If you are unsure of how best to approach, call one of our licensed plumbers at (773) 862-5112 and they can help keep your home in great condition.

Where should a sump pump be installed?

A sump pump should be placed in an area that is the lowest point of your property to prevent basement flooding.

Your basement may have a crawl space with an area for a sump pump. If the crawl space is too small, check for an area near a basement wall where the drain line can go.

It will likely sit in a hole in the concrete floor of your basement to remove any excess water from surrounding areas.

If you are unsure about where the best place would be, then feel free to ask our experts for help with finding a solution that will work best for your specific situation.

We will be happy to inspect your home for the best location.

filter fabric to prevent silt from getting stuck in sump pump

What are the different types of sump pumps?

There are two main types of sump pumps that you can choose from, depending on your unique needs: submersible and pedestal pumps.

There are also sub-types which our plumbers can recommend depending on your basement structure and your budget.

submersible sump pump with battery back up

Submersible Sump Pump

Submersible pumps are the most common type of sump pump that you will find in a house.

We recommend a professional-grade sump pump because if there is an electrical problem or power outage, then non-professional grade pumps can pose a risk of possible electrocution. The ones we offer are at a reasonable cost.

Wet-pit pumps or submersible sump pumps suck water out of your basement or other areas with an impeller.

You can test if your submersible sump pump is working by filling the sump pit with water from a hose.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

A pedestal sump pump is a pump where the motor is not submerged by water. The motor sits over the water. The Zoeller Aquanot Battery backup Sump Pump is a good example of a pedestal pump.

Sump pump with battery back up

A sump pump with battery back up is a great option to have installed in your home.

This type uses both wet and dry pit pumps, so it can be used for either shallow or deep well applications in a basement.

It also has an electric power source available if the electricity goes out during a storm, so you do not need to worry about it not working properly.

Sump Pump Installation – How-To

If you own an old house, you might need help installing a sump pump. This is a common home project that is best served by one of our licensed plumbers.

If you have a newer house you might need a new sump pump install if yours has failed. They will prevent water from causing further damage.

sump pump installation site

Steps in Sump Pump Installation

First, you need to find a sump pump installation location. The installing site will vary based on your layout.

We recommend a sump pump installation with a backup in case of power outages.

We highly recommend a professional-grade sump pump.


  1. Locate the lowest point of your property, where water would naturally flow to if there is leaking or flooding occurring.
  2. Dig a hole for the sump pump basin in the ground (make sure it’s not too big to avoid future problems) until you hit rock or clay.
  3. When you dig, if you hit rock, then we recommend that a drainage tile be installed at the same time as your sump pump installation to ensure proper flow of water away from the foundation. Use cement to fill in any areas that require it.
  4. After digging out the hole (or trench for tile) in the ground, install a sump basin liner or make sure there is one already in place if you are replacing an old pump. Gravel should go underneath.
  5. Place the sump basin into the hole, then install the sump pump and attach the power supply to the electrical box or battery backup system if you have one installed (call us for more information at (773) 862-5112.) The wiring may involve help from an electrician.
  6. Cover the basin with a cover.
  7. Fill the basin with water with a hose plug in your sump pump and test the motor.

Many homeowners try to install sump pumps on their own in their basements but find they run into problems.

Installing a sump pump unit can seem simple but if the pipe in your basement has a break you may get water damage.

Ensuring everything is properly hooked up from the basin in the concrete floor of the basement to

If you are not sure how to install a sump pump, call us today, (773) 862-5112.

Steps in Sump Pump Repair

Depending on your specific situation, there can be different options when it comes to repairs.

Depending on whether or not the sump pump is plugged, clogged, or damaged will determine whether or not you can replace it. The average cost is not expensive for simple repairs.

Be sure to unplug your sump pump if you suspect it needs repair. There will be no water pressure if it is not working properly.

If it is clogged, then removing the debris will ensure the water pressure will return and the pump will work properly.

O’Bannon Plumbing & Sewer plumbers can determine with a free estimate what it will cost to repair or replace.

We will be happy to inspect your home and provide you with a solution that we think is best for the situation at hand.

How much does sump pump repair cost?

Costs for repairs vary. If the motor just needs to be cleaned, then that cost can be relatively small depending on how dirty the water is and what kind of debris has collected inside over time.

If a sump pump is broken or in need of replacement, then the cost for this can vary depending on the brand and location in-home and additional features you may need.

  • Unplug your sump pump if it needs repair or replacement – call us today at (773)-862-5112

If you are having trouble with a broken sump pump unit, give our technicians a call for a free estimate. We will come check it out.

O'Bannon Plumbing and Sewer Truck Installing a Sump Pump

Do plumbers install sump pumps?

Yes, our plumbers at O’Bannon Plumbing & Sewer install sump pumps. We are licensed to do so and have the equipment needed for installation.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts will work with you, no matter your needs or budget, to install the best cost solution for your home or business.

If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

If you need a new sump pump or your current one is broken, give us a call today! (773)-862-5112

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